2018 Woven Treasures Calendar – An Industry Standard for 26 Years!

For over 25 years of traveling, filming, designing, and printing; the 26th edition “Woven Treasures” 2018 Calendar, will soon be shipping to those who order early.

The carpet’s magic is our passion and love what we do to for our great clients.

We are so proud to bring you another stunning collection that will dazzle your prospects for 2018.

Paul seen below meticulously press-checking each rug for the “Woven Treasures” 2017 Calendar to meet exacting color specifications. The new state-of-the-art computerized presses help insure color accuracy for outstanding results that customers require..

We’re going to press soon.
Order your 2018 custom “Woven Treasures” Calendars now.
Take advantage of the Pre-Press discounts.
Order now and save! You don’t want to miss our 26th annual Rug Calendar 🙂

Sized at 12″x18″, just right for that wall.