Advertising Stock Images

Advertising Stock Images for Licensing:
Photographs, Video Footage & Designs for Print Ads and Broadcast!

We offer a wide array of advertising images taken on our journeys to the rug making locations of the world. These include not only still photographs but video as well. Our stock postcard and other designs may also be licensed.

License these eye-catching images for your print and display ads, TV commercials, van graphics, website display and more.

Create powerful image-enhancing ads and promotions with our stock images.

We invite you to browse up and down the Adv Stock Images section on the left for details.

Bookmark this page and visit us weekly for new exciting images.

A Note About Using Our Copyrighted Images

All images on this website are copyrighted works by PAUL SHAPER PRODUCTIONS and are protected by U.S. and International Copyright Law. Unauthorized use is a Federal offense with penalties of up to $100,000. Unauthorized use includes any copying of these images from this site or other media format, electronic or otherwise.

We hope that you are inspired to license our images for your print advertising, in-store displays, postcards, flyers, your websites and more.

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