Would you like a distinctive all year round gift for your clients and customers which guarantee all day exposure?

Our stunning custom mouse pads continue to be retailers and importers most powerfully effective 24/7 advertising! These stand alone mouse-pads, that last for years on end, offer you the biggest bang for your advertising buck!

Just watch your clients’ faces light up when you gift them with such a unique and lovely gift that they can use with their computers, as a cell phone pad, on a coffee table or even for an incredible interior decoration for a doll house.

Offer our decorator mouse pads as promotional give-away presents which display your company message constantly to your clients and customers.

Give your prospects a great reason to call you first for a rug or service. Stock up and have plenty on hand for those special occasions, shows, events and B2B advertising for those important referrals.

Available in a variety of amazing, world class carpet designs or send in yours.

Click on any image for an enlarged impression <<

Click on any image for an enlarged impression <<

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