“Woven Treasures” Calendar – An Industry Standard for 28 Years!

With over 28 years of traveling, filming, and designing
the Shapers have published an industry standard, the “Woven Treasures” calendar.
Now the 2020 calendar is Going to Press!

To assure more advertising power for retailers and cleaners,
the calendar also includes Consumer Rug Guides that customers keep and refer to.

The carpet’s magic is our passion and love what we do to for our great clients.

We are so proud to bring you another stunning collection that will dazzle your prospects for 2020.

Paul seen below meticulously press-checking each rug for the “Woven Treasures” 2019 Calendar to meet exacting color specifications. Unlike most printing tasks, “Woven Treasures” Calendar requires intensive press-checking to make sure the rugs printed on the calendars matching their colors in real-life. The new state-of-the-art computerized presses help insure color accuracy for outstanding results that customers require.

Click HERE to view the details of the “Woven Treasures 2020″ Calendar in PDF format.

Stock up and hand-out anytime with valuable Consumer Guides that customers keep.

Order now! Deadline September 30!

See why successful rug sellers and cleaners have been building business with “Woven Treasures” Calendar for over two decades.

Give this unique business-specific gift calendar to rug lovers, associates that refer you and those you’d like to motivate to purchase or call for your service…

Now “Woven Treasures 2020” includes these three Rug Guides which your customers will keep and refer to as a valuable source for their rug information.

  • Art of Oriental Rug Making
  • How & What to Look for when Selecting Your Oriental Rug
  • How To Care for Your Oriental Rug (including Emergency Spill Advice)