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Tibet 2011

Welcome to PAUL SHAPER PRODUCTIONS. We are a multi media company operated by my wife, Tammy Shaper and myself. As filmmakers, photographers and graphic artists, we specialize in creating unique advertising and marketing solutions for print, digital, motion and broadcast media, primarily for the rug trade.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide rug retailers, cleaners and associates the most graphically captivating and unique rug themed promotional images and content that instantly communicates the incredible value of a handmade rug.

Our history dates back to 1975 upon completion of what began as the initial pioneering U.S. documentary film on oriental carpet making, filmed in Iran, “The Persian Carpet”.


Over the past 40 years, we have produced and directed documentaries, television shows and commercials, segments for features, along with action packed music videos. Paul Shaper also directed Ronal Reagan for his hosting of a PBS film about Mount Rushmore.

In 1986, a tabloid entitled “Oriental Rug Review” featured some of our Persian rug making photographs from Iran. This resulted in a spark to develop a line of unique educational advertising items for the Oriental Rug Trade. Currently we provide: Design, Printing, Postcards, Rug Calendars, Flyers, Greeting Cards, Rug-Making Videos, stock images, emailing and mailing that support retailers and cleaning sales efforts.

Our latest new product offer is email service. We are pioneers in providing eblast service that reach over 6,000 rug retailers and many rug cleaners. We now offer it to the retailers and cleaners as well.

Our products are designed to fully inform a customer or prospect, so that you can earn their business and achieve the best price for what you sell and service.

Some of our clients have included Sony, JVC, and Panasonic broadcasting companies, Kawasaki Motor Cycles, Jaunty, Orient Express, the art museums of MOCA, LACMA and the Disney Music Concert Hall.


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