How To Create More Business With “Woven Treasures” Calendars

“Woven Treasures” 2018 Wall, Gift Calendar is just coming off the press!
Explore in detail, the colorful & informative wall calendar that speaks volumes about your expertise and thoughtfulness.

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See why successful rug sellers and cleaners have been building business with “Woven Treasures” Calendar for over two decades.

Give this unique business-specific gift calendar to rug lovers, associates that refer you and those you’d like to motivate to purchase or call for your service…

You don’t want to miss this beautiful & useful 26th annual Rug Gift Calendar. Sized at 12″x18″, just right for that wall.

Custom flashing graphic for Serafian’s

Click here to view the entire calendar.

Below are HOW to create more business with “Woven Treasures” Calendar

  1. Advertise your monthly or seasonal offer as part of your banner
  2. Post offer of calendar on your website and emails with a custom flashing graphic that we will provide you (as showed on right)
  3. Give out when picking up or delivering rug
  4. Give to prospects that come in
  5. Mail to previous and recent customers
  6. Hand-out at meetings, events, home and cleaning shows
  7. Send offer of FREE National-Geographic styled calendar via postcards, print ads, radio/TV ads
  8. Mail out to top prospects and referrals sources
  9. Give out to all B2B and network affiliate sources. Those who will refer business to you: restaurants, installers, realtors, fire/water damage firms, dry cleaners, retail outlets, adjusters, insurance agents, designers, furniture, antique and carpet stores

Click here to view the entire calendar including rug descriptions.

It’s personal target marketing that generates repeat and referral business.
Advertise your name gracefully and effectively 24/7.

Designed to be given out now, before the holidays and during the year, this attractive calendar includes guides about “Basic Care of Your Oriental Rug” along with “The Incredible Art of Oriental Rug Making”. Your customers will keep and refer to time after time.

Have plenty on hand to start giving now and through the holidays to your customers and referral sources. Click here to see how to create business with “Woven Treasures” 2018 Calendar.

You don’t want to miss this beautiful & useful 26th annual Rug Gift Calendar.

Sized at 12″x18″, just right for that wall.

(Click here for the full “Woven Treasures” 2018 Calendar in PDF format.)