Non-custom version

Camel Caravan Non-Custom Version of “Woven Treasures” 2018 Appointment Calendar

Handed out by thoughtful rug retailers, cleaners and trade show managers for 25 years, “Woven Treasures” 2018 calendar is available in the popular non-custom version. Sold in museum shops for $12.95, it can be yours for as little as $4.50.

For lasting value to be given out all year long, the calendar includes educational guides on “How to Care for Your Oriental Rugs” as well as “The Incredible Art of Oriental Rug Making”. Customer will keep to refer to this useful information on rug care and the art.

Sized at 12″x18″, just right for that wall or desk.

Click on any image for its enlargement  <<

Click on any image for its enlargement  <<

Order your perfect rug-themed, business-specific gift that your rug-loving customers and prospects will appreciate while you earn their business.

Limited supplies. Get yours now!

Camel Caravan (Non-Custom) 2018 Calendar
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Have plenty on hand, before and during the holidays (Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years) and throughout the year as a spectacular showcase representing the beauty of what you sell and service.

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Updated on 9/14/2017