Paul Shaper Productions is recognized throughout the industry for our quality service, printing and unique designs…

… in addition to being known as pioneers for our rug making videos and photographs as well as our exquisite wall rug calendars. These include Postcards, Rug Calendars, Greeting Cards, Business Cards, Brochures and Advertising Specialties.

Our passion and main focus is providing exciting and compelling materials for rug importers, rug retailers and rug cleaners. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy journeying to the far reaches of the world to capture fascinating imagery for your marketing solutions.

For over 30 years, we have offered rug focused printing from our unique and wide array of stock images and designs… materials that will make you stand out from others. Utilize our artwork, send us yours for printing, or let us help you create an effective print ad that delivers your message with the help of our acclaimed design team.

We invite you to browse the Postcard section and all the others on the left menu for your artistic delight.

Currently we are offering our 25th anniversary issue of “Woven Treasures” custom wall calendar. Sized at 12″x18″, just right for that wall.

For a competitive quote for all your needs including Postcards, Catalogs, Mousepads,Calendars, Van Graphics, Advertising Specialties, Large Format Banners, Photo Murals, and more. Please send specs to

Below are some samples.

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