Woven Art of Oriental Rug Making 20min, $99

The “Woven Art of Oriental Rug Making” is a remarkable rug-making video (second from Shaper Productions) that offers hard-to-obtain footage of the processes for making an Oriental rug. Filmed in Central Asia and Iran, it captures the fascinating colorful nomadic and village weavers, designers, dyers and spinners along with sheep shearing footage.

The pulsating cultural music track with informative narration, gives the audience an entertaining and educational look at all the rug-making processes. Accented with bustling rug markets, maps and carpets of the various rug-producing countries, newcomers to rugs as well as long-time rug lovers will never contemplate their rugs without a whiff of ancient history.

Great Addition to any retailer & cleaner video library: Use it to educate salesmen, cleaning personnel, special groups, prospects and great for showroom viewing video.

3:30-minute trailer for 20-minute “Woven Art of Oriental Rug Making”

This Woven Art video may be customized with:

  1. Custom presentations
  2. Your rugs and showroom maybe be edited in (exchanged with current footage/video)

Also, we can create custom video from scratch using your video along with other not seen in this footage.

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