“Woven Treasures” 2018 Calendar

“Woven Treasures” 2018 Wall, Gift Calendar is just coming off the press!
Explore in detail, the colorful & informative wall calendar that speaks volumes about your expertise and thoughtfulness.

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See why successful rug sellers and cleaners have been building business with “Woven Treasures” Calendar for over two decades.

Give this unique business-specific gift calendar to rug lovers, associates that refer you and those you’d like to motivate to purchase or call for your service…

You don’t want to miss this beautiful & useful 26th annual Rug Gift Calendar. Sized at 12″x18″, just right for that wall.

“Woven Treasures” 2018 Calendar ~ Front Cover

"Woven Treasures" 2018 Calendar ~ Front Cover

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“Woven Treasures” 2018 wall-calendar includes internationally best-selling hand-knotted modern, traditional and antique carpets.

An industry standard, it is published for rug retailers and rug cleaning establishments as a promotional gift for their customers and referral sources.

It is also sold in museum, specialty stores and given out by rug-trade convention administrators.


“Woven Treasures” 2018 Calendar ~ Pages 2 and 3

"Woven Treasures" 2018 Calendar ~ Pages 2-3

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“Woven Treasures” 2018 wall-calendar includes interesting and informative descriptions detailing the workmanship, designs, materials used and suggested placements of the rug in a home or office.

On page 3, “Basic Care of Your Oriental Rug” is provided to give the owner general tips on how to protect their Oriental Carpet.







January 2018 ~ Qashqa’i Style

January 2018

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Mesmerizing animal motifs combined with geometric tribal details make up this Qashqa’i-inspired masterpiece in a functional square, sized for an entryway or family room. Hand-knotted in Afghanistan using local wool on a horizontal loom, this recreation is grounded in midnight blue, segmented with brick-red lines around asymmetrical vignettes of mythological and garden creatures. Multiple borders add dimension with salmon and celadon hues.







February 2018 ~ Tabriz Style

February 2018

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Relish the intricacy of proportional design and earthy balance of natural tones in a fine hand-knotted rug made in Northern Afghanistan by Turkmen weavers using handspun Ghazni wool. Allover background is inspired by a legendary antique Persian Haji Jalili Tabriz tour de force. Rich brown dyes undergo a rigorous antiquing process and are complemented with a blonde border for your favorite room at home.







March 2018 ~ Shahsavan Style

March 2018

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A grand recreation of a classic Persian Shahsavan design from Northwest Persia, yet hand-knotted by cottage weavers in Afghanistan. Copper, taupe and vanilla motifs are layered with multi-colored diamond shapes resulting in Milky Way effects. Creamy guard borders make the sienna orange border float around the midnight-blue background. This treasured carpet will become the centerpiece of your favorite room.







April 2018 ~ Lahore Style

April 2018

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Infused with cinnabar reds and celadon greens, only a densely hand-knotted weave as displayed in this oversized treasure can create the intricate delicate patterns. 100% Central Asian Karakul wool pile rug is from Pakistan. Gold palmettes blend with the ivory background creating many centers for conversation. Truly a most welcoming and inviting space to entertain family and guests.







May 2018 ~ Gabbeh

May 2018

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Delightful and impactful in their small format, these Gabbehs display a hint at the traditional life and landscape of the matriarchal Qashqa’i women of Southwest Iran. They hand-spin revered mountainous wool which is sent to a natural dye house and then returned to be fashioned into collectible, world renowned textile gems. Saturated colors from madder root, indigo, and walnut create a spectrum of abrash that will fascinate generations.







June 2018 ~ Serapi, Persia, late 19th c., 10’ x 11’8”

June 2018

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While tribal in appearance with their geometric symbols, Serapi carpets from North West Iran have become synonymous with American décor due with their wide appeal to blend in with many design traditions. This rare antique has unreconciled borders and abrashed palmettes ranging from pale salmon to brick red, detailed in ivory and sky blue. Resonant symbols, reflecting the history and tradition of the original weavers, making a statement as only a masterpiece can.

July 2018 ~ Contemporary Style

July 2018

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Three luminous blue designs reflect the high elevation of the Himalayas and skies of Nepal. A traditional Tibetan technique of knot-weaving, belies the thoroughly-modern finish and pattern. Countries of origin are India and Nepal, materials include wool and silk to create the lustrous effect. Tibetan flags surrounding contain Buddhist prayers to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom.

August 2018 ~ Kurdish Style

August 2018

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An exciting kaleidoscope of color and design, this tribal rug is hand-knotted in Afghanistan by up to seven Hazara women using handspun vegetal-dyed Ghazni wool. Due to its oversized dimension, this Kurdish-inspired rug, woven on a vertical loom, took over a year to weave. Colors of burnt orange field and light green border, ivory and mocha, punctuate the geometric floral motifs to create a family heirloom.







September 2018 ~ Contemporary Style

September 2018

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A modern treasure from Nepal is reminiscent of the Polonaise style updated with a fashionable oxidized effect. Trending in apricot and silver tones – subtle palmettes are interlaced with blonde accents, perfect for a living room or sitting area in a master bedroom. Pile contains viscose and linen with approximately 70% Tibetan wool using Tibetan knots. A modern treasure to be handed down for generations.







October 2018 ~ Khamseh

October 2018

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Rejoice in a rare moment of Southern Iranian rug-production history and snap up these collectible pieces. (left) Classed as a Khamseh in a directional pattern, relish the minute detail on an earthy vermillion ground. (center) Solid and grounded with an allover floral design, secured with a rich red border. (right) Neutral tones dominate but set off nicely with deep blues and reds.

November 2018 ~ Suzani Style

November 2018

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Modern Suzani rugs are created in Afghanistan by tribal women in cottage workshops using fine handspun vegetal-dyed wool and mulberry silk on floor looms. Suzani means “needlework/embroidery” and its floral motifs transfer seamlessly to the hand-woven technique. Embellished with botanical details which surround a young woman’s environment, the act of weaving embodies the hope of her future betrothal and family.

December 2018 ~ Heriz

December 2018

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Compact nuggets of color and texture, these brilliant current village weavings from Iran are artworks to behold. (left) Woven with organic, vegetal-dyed wool, an indigo-saturated ground is balanced with a lemony saffron minor guard border, and solidly held together with clay red main border. (right) Heirlooms that communicate instantly the incredible art of the oriental carpet.







“Woven Treasures” 2018 Calendar ~ Back Cover

"Woven Treasures" 2018 Calendar ~ Back Cover

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On the back cover, “The Incredible Art of Oriental Rug Making” explores the Oriental Rug and some of the incredible details that go into making one of the most incredible art forms ever devised by man.

Designed to be given out now, before the holidays and during the year, this attractive calendar includes guides about “Basic Care of Your Oriental Rug” along with “The Incredible Art of Oriental Rug Making”. Your customers will keep and refer to time after time.

Have plenty on hand to start giving now and through the holidays to your customers and referral sources. Click here to see how to create business with “Woven Treasures” 2018 Calendar.

You don’t want to miss this beautiful & useful 26th annual Rug Gift Calendar.

Sized at 12″x18″, just right for that wall.

(Click here for the full “Woven Treasures” 2018 Calendar in PDF format.)

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