“Woven Treasures” 2019 Advertising Calendar

“Woven Treasures” 2019 Wall, Gift Calendar is Freshly Off the Press!
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Explore in detail, the colorful & informative wall calendar that speaks volumes about your thoughtfulness.
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Designed to be given before the holidays and during the year, this attractive calendar includes guides about “Basic Care of Your Oriental Rugs” along with “The Incredible Art of Oriental Rug Making”. Your customers will keep and refer to it from time after time.

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Give this unique business-specific gift calendar to rug lovers, associates that refer you and those you’d like to motivate to purchase or call for your service…

You don’t want to miss this beautiful & useful 27th annual Rug Gift Calendar. Sized at 12″x18″, just right for that wall.

"Woven Treasures" 2019 ~ Front Cover

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“Woven Treasures” 2019 Calendar
Front Cover
Non-Custom version

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“Woven Treasures” 2019 Calendar
 Page 2 ~ Descriptions of Rugs

The enriching rug descriptions offer the end-user the opportunity to learn more about the history of this ancient art form along with the designs and best placements of these treasures for the floor. Details explaining the tribes, regions and history will add decorated value to your gift and their enjoyment…

"Woven Treasures" 2019 ~ Page 2 ~ Descriptions of Rugs

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"Woven Treasures" 2019 ~ Page 3 ~ "The Incredible Art of Oriental Rug Making"

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“Woven Treasures” 2019 Calendar
 Page 3
“The Incredible Art of Oriental Rug Making”

Within the calendar’s introduction, your customers will be able to learn about how these woven treasures are created, step by step. Beautifully illustrated with photographs from the rug centers of the world, customers and prospective buyers will be inspired to purchase as well as have their rugs serviced.

January 2019 ~ Pazyryk Style

The world’s oldest known pile carpet – discovered in a Siberian tomb – preserved by permafrost for over 2000 years. Widely reissued in many sizes, it remains a staple design due to its history and animated figures platted in non-mirroring formation and geometric design. This version is hand-knotted in Afghanistan with vegetal-dyed wool showing in a square size suitable for a gallery space between rooms… or an ice cave.

January 2019

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February 2019

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February 2019 ~ Contemporary Style

Abstract chic weavings, in earthy or mineralistic tones, may be inspired from blistering tree trunks and rock formations. These striking striated Nepalese rugs are made with Tibetan knots with finest Himalayan wool in every size imaginable. Accessibly-designed to suit any room in the home or a hospitality suite. Their allover pattern lends itself to creative furniture placements for the dining or family room.

March 2019 ~ Kazak Style & Antique Kazak

Kazak Antique/Modern – Kazak means “rough-rider” and describes a race of restless, roaming people from the Caucasus region. In this antique rug, rich indigo blues ground the quivering medallions which express the weaver’s dreams and hopes. Kazak designs may have originated in the 19th century in a Southwest Caucasus village possibly by Armenian women on a horizontal nomadic loom. Our modern version is now woven by their modern descendants with wool warp and weft using Ghiordes knots. An ivory ground contrasts beautifully with the multicolored medallions showcasing the rich ethnic traditions.

March 2019

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April 2019

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April 2019 ~ Heriz Style

Trendy greys and Curaçao blues featured in the richly recreated Persian Heriz design will stand out in a transitional home or office setting. Handknotted by Hazara women in northern Afghanistan using handspun vegetal-dyed wool, the design is populated by palmettes outlined in indigo. Unreconciled borders add to the authenticity of the most popular design from Iran in the last century.

May 2019 ~ Bakshaish Style

An exceptional traditional yet updated Persian design is emphasized with an ivory ground bordered with a celadon green. Lush plantings placed in a directional design bring the garden indoors. Lively abrash keeps interest high, tricking the eye to see purple with the electric blending of blue and red in the conical tree motifs. Modern day adaptations are traditional in Persian carpets and while contemporary weavers from other countries maintain the detail required to create high value as a tribal creation in the market.

May 2019

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June 2019

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June 2019 ~ Gabbeh

Folk life carpet at its pinnacle hails from the remarkable Qashqa’i weavers of Southern Iran employing the finest organic wool with lush vegetal-dyed yarns. A one-of-a-kind landscape featuring a sumptuous saffron sky is grounded with grassy greens and variegated trees. All amazingly fitted on a scatter-sized treasure, perfect for a wall hanging or gallery setting in the home.

July 2019 ~ Moroccan Style

Moroccan rugs experienced popularity in the West with mid 20th-century designers – such as Le Corbusier & Herman Miller – who combined the thick piled Berber rugs with their sleek modern furniture. Bold and muted colors and simple line designs are inspired from Berber tribes of the Atlas mountains of Morocco and are now also woven in today’s workshops in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan taking full advantage of the excellent craftsmanship in design, dyeing and weaving.

July 2019

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August 2019

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August 2019 ~ Contemporary Style

Wildly popular fiber combinations include wool and silk in these Nepalese-Tibetan woven treasures from the design spirits. The design name “Crevice” creates an organic environment that falls into space. Maybe the pattern repeats or maybe not. One must look closely with a glass of wine in hand to fully appreciate the intricacies of the details. Hand-knotted in various colors such as White/Ivory/Blue/Grey and Ivory/Green/Blue.

September 2019 ~ Mamluk Style

Referring to an Egyptian dynasty, the designs of Mamluk thrive again in today’s rug-making industry taking care to incorporate the mesmerizing architectural details woven into these new masterpieces. Indigo is used to create a wide spectrum of blues in this densely saturated study of masterful colorations. Mamluks are typically dominated by oversized medallion and surrounded by geometric 8-pointed stars adding dimension to the overall effect.

September 2019

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October 2019

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October 2019 ~ Khotan Style

An enchanting light blue ground color supports three medallions of rich red while mesmerizing spandrel details attach to multiple borders. Khotan designs are the result of hundreds of years of cultures criss-crossing along the Silk Road. Recreated in Central Asian weaving centers with their own experience, tribal women often weave on a cottage loom setting using handspun wool on upright looms.

November 2019 ~ Contemporary Style

Sumptuous transitional looks from traditional designs hand knotted in Nepal with the finest Tibetan wool. Designers incorporate the most popular colors to deconstruct Persian classics for a fresh up-to-date design. Cinnabar-toned Karadja design is infused with teal and gray to create a comfortable environment while the Heriz is captivating in teal and gray tones for a more relaxed focus in the casual home interiors of today.

November 2019

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December 2019

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December 2019 ~ Luri Style

A riveting rendition of a classic Persian garden carpet in red and green. A high contrast border beautifully frames multiple sets of botanicals seemingly set in all four seasons. The Luri are nomads of Iran yet the Afghani’s have captured here their spirit in recreating this romanticized garden in paradise. Richly tamed with a beige edge and light blue border each interior medallion has a meaning derived from lost traditions.

“Woven Treasures” 2019 Calendar
 Back Cover
“Basic Care of Your Oriental Rugs”

Hand this beautiful calendar out with articles on rug making and with basic rug care located on the back cover. Handy to show to prospective buyers when giving it out to ensure that they make good use of your lovely gift. It’s proven to be information that your customers will refer to and appreciate when in need of rug care.

"Woven Treasures" 2019 ~ Back Cover ~ "Basic Care of Your Oriental Rugs"

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Designed to be given before the holidays and during the year, this attractive calendar includes guides about Basic Care of Your Oriental Rug along with “The Incredible Art of Oriental Rug Making”. Your customers will keep and refer to time after time.

Click here if you prefer viewing the entire “Woven Treasures” 2019 Calendar in PDF format.

Order your perfect rug-themed, business-specific gift that your rug-loving customers and prospects will appreciate while you earn their business.

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You don’t want to miss this beautiful & useful 27th annual Rug Gift Calendar.

Sized at 12″x18″, just right for that wall.

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