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Paul Shaper Productions has provided oriental rug importers, exporters and rug trade shows with a wide variety of marketing solutions and products. These include rug related materials: printing, design with mailing of postcards and print materials, video production, calendars and our latest growing product email/eblast service reaching over 6,000 rug sellers.

Some of our clients include Noursion, Jaunty, Kalaty, Momeni, Capel, Jaipur, Orient Express, Due Process, MSM, Teebaud, NYICS, Domotex, Qinghai, and Pakistan Int’l Carpet Exhibition.

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Send us your specifications for printing and we will give you a quote for your catalogs, calendars, flyers, postcards, invitations and advertising specialties.

For your video requirements, send us your video and photographs from Asian workshops and we will create an exciting informative video for sales training. We can also help you with the technical writing and narration.

To support your retailers and for greater exposure of your products over their websites, we are able to customize your video for them with content from your company.

We maintain a post-office mailing list of over 5,000 retailers and 6,000 email addresses of rug sellers for our email/eblast service. We also maintain rug cleaner mail and email listings.

We are continually adding new valuable listings for rug buyers, including designers, furniture stores, online sellers and retail stores.

For a competitive printing quote and for all your advertising specialties, please send specs to

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